Boarding and pensioner

We offer the Equine Pension service in our modern facilities. We have spacious boxes, covered walkers, exercise track, 24-hour-veterinary, stallion area, delivery boxes and forage silos.

We have also acquired an innovative automatic sprue system and an integrated satellite system with live streaming cameras throughout the Stud Farm. Said Pensioner includes weaning, pre-training foals, retiredhorses for rest and mother mares.

Breeding and motherhood

We have largedeliveryboxes, where supervision is constant and meticulous. The work is carried out 24 hours a day by specialists of the veterinary service with monitored guards in the field by live streaming video.

Once the labor of the Mother mares is visualized in the field, they are immediately admitted to the DeliveryBoxes for a better follow-up.

All animals that enter our facilities have a specific Dietary,Vitamin Plan, range statistics in growth curves and a Vaccination Plan according to their age and growth.

Equine trailer and transportation

We offer our clients the integral equine transportation service duly authorized by SENASA, covering the transfer with a maximum capacity of 4 horses,with specialized personnel on board, and destination to the main Buenos Aires Horse Tracks and Stables.


As a fundamental link in the culmination of the Breeding of our animals, in addition to our vet staff, we count onthe service of a nutritionist specialized in Colts and Pre-training Products, providing them with everything necessary to be healthy and balanced at the beginning of the sports career.

Stallion services

Season 2020 of the Stallions EMMANUEL, FURIOUS KEY and MARCONI is open. We receive reservations of stay and pension for Mares to be pregnant throughout the year to start the jump services from the month of July.